Best Ecommerce Platform for Startups: 4 International Ecommerce Platforms to Grow Your Startup in 2019

It is time to take your startup business to the next level! Here are 4 international ecommerce platforms to grow your business in 2019!

The worldwide web expansion has contributed to bringing new changes in store transactions, product offerings, and shopping experience.

Ecommerce is related to buying and selling products online. It uses regular technical maintenance to ensure a smooth running of websites, monetary transactions, and other aspects related to providing, shipping, and delivering products.

The newest statistics clearly show the exponential growth and development of online stores and ecommerce industry in general.

The Rising Trend of M-Commerce:
Everything You Need to Know

Choosing an ecommerce platform

Among the different types of ecommerce, the most popular ones are B2B, C2B, and C2C ecommerce. Mobile commerce, on the other side, is also popular. According to the latest statistics, nearly 42% of the online users in the world have bought items over the internet through desktop, mobile, and table, and other devices. Amazon is one of the most popular ecommerce marketplaces in the world. The Asian marketplaces like Alibaba, Rakuten, and others are also increasing their share in the B2C ecommerce market. eBay, on the other side, is an online auction website and is a great example of C2C successful ecommerce site.

E-commerce for startups

The expansion of m-commerce is an important trend to consider. The popularity of smartphones is spread and the current mobile commerce revenue in the US comes from mobile media, retail services, travel purchases, and other services. Online payment is related to ecommerce. With billions in mobile payment volume, PayPal (owned by eBay) has become one of the leaders on the market. The payment option is secure and convenient for the mobile shopping experience. Now that you know more about the rising trend of m-commerce and ecommerce in general, let’s see the best ecommerce platforms for startups.

Ecommerce Platform for Startups:
4 Options to Choose From in 2019

If you are ready to take your startup to the next level, check out these ecommerce platforms for startups:


This ecommerce platform is in alliance with eBay and allows users to build and maintain successful ecommerce stores. By using customization options, they can create online portals according to their personal needs and preferences in order to provide the perfect experience to their customers. All Magento stores can be optimized for different devices and platforms. The platform allows you to organize your products and market your product offerings to a specific segment of users.


This is by far, one of the best ecommerce platforms for startups and for businesses that plan on going global. Shopify can offer you a few different plans, each with its own set of features. Shopify Plus is one of Shopify’s best ecommerce plans and it suitable for large businesses, enterprises, and businesses that are interested in selling internationally. Shopify offers great templates that can help you design the online store of your dreams. In the Shopify App Store, you can find all kinds of applications that can improve your site performance and help you attract new customers.


With over 3 million users, PrestaShop is one of the largest and most valuable ecommerce solutions. It allows users to run their stores, manage their stock, and market the products efficiently. The platform helps present the items clearly, giving the customers the best view of the item from a few angles. PrestaShop makes it super easy for online stores to cross-sell by analyzing buying habits and offering items that are related to their previous purchases, stimulating more sales. The platform offers over 300 features including payment processing, security, and shipping assistance.


An amazing ecommerce solution which allows you to build and manage your online store with ease. You can maintain your store’s inventory, as well as, market the products to the customers effectively with high-quality photos and videos. The platform also allows users to customize the shipping options according to their needs to make sure the right item reaches the buyer on time. BigCommerce helps you track the performance of your ecommerce business, gives you real-time feedback, and allows you to make necessary changes to boost ROI.

Choosing an ecommerce platform for startups requires proper attention and consideration.

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