4 Must-Have Features of an International E-Commerce Platform

Most of your sales will come from the search engines. The Google and Yahoo, being among the best engines will target both the global and local customers. The customers prefer finding a reliable seller from these places because they cannot direct them to untrustworthy sellers. But how will the search engines know the best sellers? The design of your website talks more about you and what you offer. Thus, you need to make it look professional for the search engines to rank the site high. Using an international e-commerce platform to build your website will help you achieve this. But how will you know the platform that will enhance your business functionality? Here are 4 must-have features of the international e-commerce platform:


Fraud cases are increasing as the e-commerce business continues to rise. It is for this reason why you need to consider security on your website. There are many ways to prevent fraud cases. First, you need to ensure that your international e-commerce platform has the PCI feature. It will allow you to accept different types of safe methods of payments. The second way is having the SSL certification. This feature will offer you an additional layer of security by protecting the customers’ sensitive data.

Advanced payment methods

While running the e-commerce business, you should be able to receive payments. You need to have various methods to allow the customers to purchase quickly. However, this depends on the business needs. If you are running the enterprise business, you need to ensure that your customers can buy products in bulk. To sell efficiently to the global customers, you need to select an international e-commerce platform that accepts local payments. With this, you will drive traffic to your website.

SEO capabilities

All the retailers love using an international e-commerce platform that offers the best users’ experience. One that will enable you to control the permalinks for individual product page, Meta description, title tags, as well as canonical tags should be your priority. It will let you optimize for search engines. It is for this reason why you need to go for a platform with flexible SEO system.Mobile friendliness

Having an e-commerce website that supports different screen sizes is essential because you can easily convert. And because your primary goal of running an international business is to increase sales, you need to select an international e-commerce platform that has fancy and responsive templates. With this, the customers using the mobile device will navigate easily and make purchases.