4 Essential Features That Make Shopify Stand Out From Other International E-Commerce Platforms

Do you want to expand your store reach around the globe? If yes, you need to ensure that you have features to enhance the customers’ experience. Having multiple languages is essential because you will convey a message to millions of customers. The multilingual feature will translate your message into several languages to allow customers from different cultures to get the meaning. Also, the multi-currency feature is crucial to enable the customers to use a method of choice during payment. You can consider using an international e-commerce platform to sell globally and increase sales. There are millions of platforms on the internet,but not all will provide you with the best experience. Shopify becomes a leading platform when it comes to advanced features. Here are the features that make Shopify stand out:


If you create an online store that looks exactly like your competitors, you cannot beat the competition. The most excellent way to create a brand identity is by being unique. Shopify is a great international e-commerce platform because of its customization feature. It will allow you to change the look of your store. You can customize the check-out process as well as add unique elements that will differentiate you from your competitors.


Going mobile is a great way to win more global customers. In current days, the use of a mobile device is increasing. Almost all the customers use mobile to search for quality products. Thus, you need to create a store that will look great on all the mobile devices. Shopify stands out from other international e-commerce platforms because of its responsive templates. It contains over 100 which are designed for all types of businesses.

Unlimited products

International e-commerce involves selling different types of products. The best way to be ahead of your competitors is by providing a variety of products on your online store. With this, customers will view you as a seller who cares for the customers’ needs because they will not move from store to store looking for products. With Shopify, you will be on a safer side. It does not give restrictions on the number of items to provide in your store.

Unlimited bandwidth

A great way to convince customers to make purchases is by uploading adequate and high-quality images. It is for this reason why you need to give Shopify a priority. It will allow you to store large files without interfering with the loading speed of your site. Many international e-commerce platforms lack this feature. It is essential because a speedy site will improve ranking on search engines and you will drive traffic.

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